• Create a timeline. Set realistic funding goals and deadlines for your projects.
  • Create a budget. How much can you realistically raise and why?
  • Design a simple, well-thought-out rewards system.
  • Anticipate how you will carry out manufacturing and fulfillment.
  • Script and shoot a stunning video by telling your story.
  • Find blogs that will help you spread the word.
  • Craft an email pitch to bloggers by introducing the project. Describe why you’re writing and why it will benefit his/her readers.
  • Write professional content using short paragraphs for your page catering to all types of your target audience.
  • Draft a press release to be sent out after the launch.
  • Use professional public relations services like PRWeb and send to local media outlets that might want to tell your story.

Developing a Kickstarter checklist to be used before the launch of the campaign regarding timelines, budgets, press releases, emails and scripts.

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